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Chat room for students and staff to ask questions concerning LOGOS Bible Software

Donald McNeeley
If you have a question concerning LOGOS Bible Software, please leave a post and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

New Testament Survey

Please respond to the discussion topic and keep it to about 100-150 words. If you quote something from your textbook in the discussion, use quotes and page #, you will not have to do a full footnote.

Pamella Foster
I'm Dr. Pamella Foster, your professor for this class. I've been a Christian over 60 years, with a few lapses in judgement along the way. I'm from Chicago and I love all things Chicago. I have a t-shirt that says, If you don't love Chicago, your wrong! I love the Word of God, which was a gift from my mother, who graduated to Heaven in March of this year. I love to talk about Jesus and all he has done; and my grandchildren. I'm not going to talk about my education, you can read that in the ...

Student Chat Room

Provides means for student to chat with each other to ask questions concerning their classes.

Donald McNeeley
This chat room is available for faculty, staff, and students to have a chat session on subjects associated with Tidewater Bible College.