President's Message

With every passing day, I become more aware of the greatness of God.  He is able to handle anything that I allow Him to handle. Notice, however, if I do not allow Him, He will not push His way into my life and assume control.  Rather, He just stands back and allows the problem to overwhelm me. When I seek God, He then steps in and through the grace obtained through the blood of His Son and the actions of the Holy Spirit, He performs the miracles; miracles that can occur here at Tidewater Bible College (TBC) as well.  As you contemplate entering TBC, you need to remember that God has not stopped performing miracles.  Thus, you should ask God what miracles He desires to show you as you look into TBC as a means to know more about God.

Knowing more about God is what TBC is all about.  The TBC experience is just part of a lifelong pursuit; one that I have enjoyed for over 30 years. Everyday I learn more about the wondrous nature of God.  Now, one way that we can know more about God is to know His word.  As students of the "Good News" we need to understand that Christ is seen in all of scripture, starting with the most important verse in scripture: Genesis 1:1.  But we must not rely just on our understanding of the scripture; we must also learn how to integrate that understanding into today's world.  Basically, we must understand what it means to have Jesus as a bridegroom and to be in the church as His bride.  Collectively the faculty, staff and, yes, even the students at TBC must understand that we all have a calling to a fuller understanding of our faith and especially our understanding of the triune God in order to show the world the "Good News."

I look forward to seeing each of you around the campus and know that God has some great experiences planned for you at Tidewater Bible College.  See you soon!

Donald McNeeley, DBS
Tidewater Bible College