Our Vision: Tidewater Bible College aims to facilitate the growth and transformation of the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit by endowing students with the unique opportunity to encounter Christ through the classroom, research, community, worship, and ministry.

Our Mission: Tidewater Bible College exists to provide affordable theological education that dynamically integrates the classroom experience with Christian spirituality.


Tidewater Bible College provides an intimate environment where men and women, who desire to understand their Bible, and thus God better can come and seek God's desire for ministry. Our mission statement describes how we enable men and women to know God;s desire for them. Note, however, that we use the term affordable in the statement. Providing affordable education is only obtainable with donations from you as you feel led by the Holy Spirit to assit in changing the church today into the church that Jesus proclaimed.


One great example of TBC's efforts are the pastors that are preaching and ministering in their churches. Without TBC these men and women would not have the education for the minstries be where God has their placed them. Hearing from these ministers continually encourages the faculty, staff, and students at TBC. Your support will allow us to continue providing the theological education that produces ministers of the gospel that are changing the world.