We are so happy that you are looking into Tidewater Bible College (TBC) as you are listening to God concerning your Christian walk.  Too many times in my past, I have seen men and women seeking for additional understanding of the written word of God, but the available means are just beyond their abilities.  Tidewater Bible College strives to provide affordable theological education that is integrated with Christian spirituality in order to give you that opportunity. There is a need for spirit filled men and women willing to seek the deepest meanings of the word for their lives, but more importantly to provide gained understanding to those around them.

In all to many religious organizations, it seems that they ignore either the spiritual or the academic aspects of Christianity.  We have see churches that are so centered on the academic aspect of worship that they in many ways are spiritually dead. However, the converse is true as well.  Too many spiritually focused churches are adverse to seeking a deeper academic understanding of God's word. So, we here at Tidewater Bible College seek a balance in our classrooms where both spirituality and academics can be presented together enriching our students Christian life.

I hope that you will take a few moments to complete an inquiry form and let's get together to discuss the journey that God has placed on your heart and what TBC can do to enhance your journey.

If you have any questions, you can also send an email to or call the school at (757) 523-1822.


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