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Online courses

Discussion on the development of online course at Tidewater Bible College.

Academics are changing in today's fast moving and Internet enhanced world. Today it is possible to receive education on just about any subject matter via some online presence. The University of Phoenix was at one time the largest university in the world, with its online academic model; a model that many colleges and universities have adapted.  Accordingly, Tideater Bible College (TBC) is entering into the mobile education arena.

But, not everyone prefers the online education process. Many students still prefer the classroom environment, so TBC will continue to offer brick and mortor classes from which the online courses will be developed. So, over the next year, new online courses will be developed that reflect the highest academic rigor that our student have come to expect.

Our Master's level course on the the Book of Psalms and other wisdom literature (BIB 507) will come online in time for the Spring quarter starting 11 February 2019 and others will follow as quickly as possible over the following months.

So, if you are in the Master's program and desire to take the required Psalms and Wisdom class through the online process, please contact Dr. McNeeley at 757-343-5458 to discuss.